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eyeball will provide a different training experience for your staff. We take them onto the streets of any large town or city of your choice where they undertake a participant centred unique training experience, either as a team member or in a supervisory role.

The below images are part of the eyeball action gallery, they include some images that were captured during an eyeball training day featured in the regional news programme ITV ’Meridian News’.


If you have any questions about organising an eyeball event for your company, or would like to attend an eyeball demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Team Prep - essential
2. Each team has to work
3. It is important to focus at all times.
4. Teams work together
5. Teams devise effective
    communication methods
6. Mid-activity de brief
7. A new and different environment
8. Final debrief

This event brought excellent feedback from its participants. Those that took part found that the day proved to be thoroughly enjoyable, whilst providing a completely different, yet extremely effective approach to team building.

Would you like to experience the eyeball team building training? If so, visit our contact page and get in touch, we will be happy to discuss the services we have to offer for your company and employees.

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