Double-Hung Windows – An Easy Entry To Your Home

Window pinning can be an effective way of securing double-hung windows (and some sliding windows). I run into a lot of double-hung windows, usually in older homes, that could use this type of protection. Many have locks/latches that are broken or the two window sections don’t line up preventing the window from being secured.

Best Application: On older double-hung windows that have wooden frames and require extra protection. It is not recommended for use on the newer vinyl windows – it may even void their warranty.
NOTE: using this window pinning procedure still allows someone in the home to escape through the window should that become necessary. Never use any method of securing windows that would violate any codes or prevent someone from escaping in an emergency situation.

Tools Needed: Hand or electric drill; 5/32″ drill bit; ruler or tape measure. Each window will also require two 16-penny nails.


1. Close the window and, if possible, secure it using the existing lock/latch. If you can’t secure the window, make sure both the upper and lower sections are shut tight as they must overlap (in the middle) as much as possible.

2. You will want to drill a hole through the inside sash and three-quarters of the way through the outside sash in the two corners where the two window sections overlap (the window’s mid-section). Measure this distance(depth). Once you have the depth to drill, you can place a piece of masking tape on the drill bit at the same distance. This will be your drill depth guide.

3. Starting on the left side, carefully drill the hole at a slightly downward angle but no deeper than the depth you measured in step 2 (or the start of the masking tape on the drill bit).

4. Repeat Step 3 on the right side and insert a 16-penny nail into each hole. For appearance sake, you may want to use a bolt cutter or hack saw to shorten the nail ends so just the nail heads are visible and sticking out. Test the security by trying to open the unlocked window with just the nails in place.

If you want the option of leaving one orĀ  Double Glazing Sash Windows Thanet more windows open (4″ to 6″) and still remain secure, you may drill two additional holes as follows: Open the window the desired height (but no more than 6″); Using the original holes on the inside sash, drill a second set of holes three-quarters of the way through the outside sash; Insert nails through the inner sash and into these “ventilation” holes and test by trying to open the window wider.

DISCLAIMER: If you do not understand this Pinning Window procedure or its suitability for your specific situation or purpose do not attempt to perform it. I will not be held responsible for any accidents or damage resulting from your use of this procedure.

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