Fast Weight Loss For the New Year! How to Approach Your Holiday Weight Gain Or Off Track Diet Plan!

I would like to start things off by saying that I hope you have had a great holiday season and that you and yours have a Happy and Successful New Year. A new year always brings with it the hope of a new start and for those whom are looking to lose that excess weight; this is the time of the year that many make their New Years Resolution to lose it. Some may already be on a diet but may have over indulged during holidays and put back on a few pounds… and some have not checked yet. In either case, a New Year is always a good starting point for a weight loss program or even to just get back on track.

Let us start with the New Years Resolution to¬† lose some weight. It is always difficult to make the required changes to ones life to achieve the required weight loss. Many make the resolution to “Lose That Weight” but do not do the correct research before hand and end up giving up or losing faith that they can actually lose weight only weeks into the plan. Why is this so? Well, in most cases the cause of the failure is the selection of the wrong diet plan! That is right! Most of us are in a rush to lose that weight and fall for the “Lose Weight Fast” pitch that many fad diets promise. Many of these programs are designed to start losing weight but do not address the need for sustainable healthy weight loss. If you start with a solid weight loss program that shows you how to eat everyday foods (including your favorites) and makes it fun… without counting calories or skipping food groups, carbs or fats you will have a Adele Weight Loss before and after greater chance of success. In fact, you will find that the weight will just start melting away. Is it without effort? Ahhh… no. As my father would say to me, “Anything worth having is worth working for” and that is true for weight loss. Do not be discouraged if you hit a plateau during your diet. Your body needs time to adjust for your lifestyle change and when it does, you will continue to your ideal weight. Check out the link below, which is a product that I suggest to most of my clients looking to lose weight and keep it off. It is a product review of a weight loss program called “Strip That Fat” and I find that it has had the most success of many of the other programs used by my clients.

Now let us address the issue of falling off the wagon during the holiday season! Each year after the holidays many of us forget our diet plans and “pig out”. I know I did… a bit… really only a bit. Did you over indulge over the holidays? Well, do not worry, as not all is lost. Sure, you might have put a little weight back on but you will be able to address that if you just get back on your weight loss program. I need to stop calling it that, as it is truly a lifestyle change and not a weight loss plan. Why is that? Well, we are not looking at cutting out foods but are looking at changing how we eat, how much and what. Therefore, it is more of a lifestyle change than just a weight loss plan or diet. It is meant to be permanent not just a quick fix, and for that reason a little “pig out” during the holidays is not as big of a deal as many would make you believe. As I have told all of my clients ,”It is not the two weeks during the holidays that make a difference in your weight loss journey, it is the remaining 50!” Once you become accustomed to the lifestyle change it will become second nature and the holidays will no longer become an issue for you. How do you make the lifestyle change that will make your holiday overeating nightmares disappear? Pick a great program like the “Strip That Fat” program that takes you through the journey from beginning weight loss to making the complete lifestyle change that allows you to eat any food you want and maintain your ideal weight. Check out the link below for a review of the product that I suggest to most of my clients and try it. I know that you will not be disappointed with your results.


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