In Action
“Hydrex Uk Ltd employs 800 people and is managed by a managing board of twelve directors. I commissioned eyeball training to improve the communication between the directors. They have a most unusual flexible training method and I was very impressed with the professionalism demonstrated by the eyeball team. They did manage to improve communication between board members and I intend to further commission them to train our management level”

Andrew Simcox, Managing Director

“The day’s teambuilding enabled my colleagues to interface with each other in a productive way and that allowed all of us to see how our role affects the other members of the team. The training is certainly very different and it made each member make decisions which demonstrated the learning experience.”

Andy Crago, Director, MTR Ltd
“As you know I was a little sceptical about the relevance of the type of training you supply but I am now a convert. Your instructors brought in the necessity for teamwork and communication which for me was the real benefit of the training. All the guys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and didn’t stop talking about it.”

Mark Hide , Director, Tangram Ltd

“What I learned with eyeball training was very thought provoking. They were very professional and I would recommend this type of training to anyone looking for something beyond their usual training.”
A. Edwards, Managing Director, Marketing MAD Ltd
“You actively encouraged everyone to take an active role and experience for themselves some very important skills. You have a unique product which is demanding and exhilarating but also great fun. Please pass on my thanks to your team and I will definitely hope to work with you again.”
Charlotte Hockey, CEM Ltd