How to Dramatically Grow an Enthusiastic Fan Base – Copy From Political Strategist Like Barack Obama

t is now history, Mr Barrack Obama will be the next president of America. He started his campaign with no money, no organization, with nothing other than the desire and the staying power to drive him on. How did he do it and what does it teach you if you want to grow an enthusiastic fan base?

Mr Obama was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. This is one of the most prestigious roles within the American academia and whoever is elected to this position, great opportunities await. This was true to Mr Obama as well, but he chose to go back to Chicago to work as a community organizer among the down trodden and forsaken communities. In his boots I would have chosen immediate success, what about you? But in the back streets of Chicago he realized the power of one to one connection, the power of community “influencers”, the power of a simple message (a cause) and the power of enthusiastic volunteers that has stood him in good stead on his walk to the presidency.

As a presidential candidate Mr Obama realized that success lay with political novices. He drew from his Chicago experience and organized them precinct by precinct, armed them with a simple message “change we can believe” and enthusiasm. They unleashed a grass root campaign with enthusiasm on every street, town and village across America. Every volunteer recruited other campaign volunteers. Phone banks were set up in people’s homes to work the precinct, the internet was utilized to mobilize those that could not be reached by phone, sms messages sent and databases grown. Owners of beauty salons, supermarkets, pubs were all mobilized to organize their customers for Mr Obama. Individual novices run localized political machineries as though they were running for office themselves. It was a down up viral political structure, with people taking the lead because they believed in the cause.

Loyalty in politics does not last, if Mr Obama fails and he may, the system he created will crumble. In football (soccer) loyalty is often life long, people move from cradle to grave supporting one team. These supporters crave success but their support is not dependent on it. This is raw loyalty, only found in normal working families. The problem with football teams is that they do not know how to tap and nurture this loyalty. They do ช่องทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ not realize that the world is full of distractions; favouring a team alone is not enough. It is therefore imperative to do an Obama and step-up your supporter’s loyalty, enthusiasm and in the process grow a marauding, enthusiastic fan base:

  • Ignite the enthusiasm of the most loyal supporters, encourage them to pass on the enthusiasm to others

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