Interviews With Successful People – Mark Simmons – Taekwondo Champion

For a long time, I have seen the devotion and the enthusiasm that Mark Simmons has towards taekwondo, I had a discussion with him ages ago and obviously this was somebody who knew what he needed to do and where he was going, there was an assurance about him.

At the point when I started Interviews With Successful People I figured he would be an optimal contender to meet with. I was interested by what was happening to him, where did his drive and energy come from? Who were individuals he demonstrated and gained from?


Mark Simmons started preparing in Taekwondo since early on and this began in Kent. His home club is with Kent Taekwondo Schools in Sellindge and Folkestone. Whenever he moved to Manchester to start college, he joined extreme taekwondo and prepared with Master Pete Johnson under grandmaster T.W.Shin.

He began contending in public competitions at 18 years old and for the following 5 years devoted himself to preparing and contending. During this time he won numerous awards, including; a Gold in the Scottish cup in 2004 and silver in the London open during that very year. Because of injury, Mark needed to resign from serious battling and presently mentors the college of Kent Taekwondo group.

Mark then, at that point, started stand up satire in 2008 and has since arrived at 6 public new demonstration contest finals, and presently chips away at the Professions stand up parody circuit.

•What Motivated You To Study Martial Arts?
I began Taekwondo when I was 6 years of age on the grounds that my Father prepared and he would take me to the lesser class before his. He then, at that point, proceeded to turn into an educator so normally urged me to prepare.

At the point when I was around 12 different side interests and interruptions dominated and I went home for the extended time of taekwondo. I think additionally on the grounds that it wasn’t initially my decision to do taekwondo and didn’t know it was what the future held do.

It was the point at which I was 15 I chose to return to Taekwondo and immediately partook in the preparation much more than before on the grounds that I could get more engaged with the actual battling viewpoints as I was greater IT services Kent and more grounded and could be more successful. Battling was immediately my principle center out of the multitude of exercises inside Taekwondo.

•Why Taekwondo?

Clearly I began Taekwondo because on the grounds that it was the decision of my dad. He picked Taekwondo since he was dazzled with the adequacy of the kicking methods being more remarkable than the other combative techniques at that point. He likewise had a generally excellent educator; which is one of the main things while learning a workmanship like this.

•What Kept You Going During The Times Of Struggle And Loss?

Realizing that I was gaining from these circumstances kept me spurred. Assuming I was being beat, I would work out why this was and afterward add these abilities to my arms stockpile.

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