Teaching the Counter Gap in Youth Football

There are quite a few sophisticated blocking styles and systems that the pee wee football team will utilize to try to gain an advantage over the team they are facing. By gain an advantage, I mean the offense will try to set up a number of blockers advantage. A number of blockers advantage is a status where you target more blockers to an area than our opponent has defenders. The idea is to have a play go to an space where you have more kids to block than tacklers by the defense. The counter gap will give you such an advantage.

Now before you rush and try this with your seven year olds, understand this is a very advanced scheme that should only be attempted by experienced players. You will also need to have an in depth scouting report to make sure you know where every defender line up so you do not leave any defender free. When you pull two linemen, there เข้าใช้งาน UFABET are going to be uncovered defensive lineman and you need to make sure th running backs, slot and other offensive linemen will fill the gap.

This system of plays, the counter gap, will devastate defenses at every level. The NFL Washington Redskins ran this play to perfection, winning Super Bowls in the early 1980’s under hall of fame head coach Joe Gibbs. If you are coaching a gifted, ripened offensive line, you can integrate a variation of this forceful play.

I must notify you that if you dedicate your team to attempting to use this difficult style, you must demand a one hundred percent effort from the players and coaches during practice and especially during stations. The kids will require many reps both in stations and with the whole squad. The execution must be exact during your practice sessions, and then attempted in many unique practice games before you can even aspire of trying this during a game.

The have the best results use offensive line calls to confirm every blocker knows his assignment. Nothing appears as bad from the sidelines than a screwed up counter gap play where the defensive linemen run straight into your backfield unblocked, screwing up the play.

The counter gap technique is accomplished by pulling one, two or three offensive lineman to a particular area. This blocking plan can be used to exploit a monster inside run, but it is most devastating when implemented while running to the outside, like a sweep play. If coached correctly, the half back will jog step the reverse way of the play direction and travel along behind a group of offensive linemen pulling to the area we want to run the play towards. Each counter gap play must be configured exactly so every open defender is blocked by slot, other guard, other tackle, tight end or running backs.

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