Mortgage Marketing Ideas For Success

Mortgage Marketing Ideas: Getting Back To Basics…

Considering the current state of the economy, mortgage brokers have to work harder than ever before to earn a living. Unlike during housing booms when buyers are flooding the market, these tighter economic times have caused mortgage brokers to have to get more creative to compete for the limited number of buyers in the market for a new home. These mortgage marketing ideas will help you to edge out the competition for new clients.

Create a Useful Website

All mortgage brokers should understand the power of the Internet. Unlike years ago when prospective homeowners thumbed through a telephone book or visited banks in person looking for a lender, these days those in need of a mortgage turn to the Internet to find a lender. This means, if you do not already have an online presence, you are missing out on a number of opportunities.

As an absolute minimum, you should have a website which gives visitors everything they need to contact you. The website should contain your name, telephone number, address and email address. This gives the visitor every opportunity to get in touch with you. However, this is not nearly enough if you want to really attract new clients. Your website also has to provide something of value to the visitors. This not only gives them a reason to stay on your website but also gives them the impression you are competent and well qualified to help them. Start out by populating your website with content that provides values to the user. High quality articles with accurate and useful information are a good start. You can also include mortgage calculators, search engines for available homes and ebooks and newsletters available for download.

Attend Networking Events

Networking is one of your best tools as a mortgage buy to let mortgages broker. Sure having a website is a good idea but you also need to get your face out there. Seek out events likely to draw a large crowd of prospective home buyers and make it a priority to attend these events. Events hosted by home builders, home expos, home buying workshops and programs sponsored by the Federal Housing Administration are just a few examples of the types of events which may draw home buyers. You may also wish to attend events created for mortgage brokers. This will give you the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of your industry. It also gives you the opportunity to size up the competition and learn what you can do to beat out the competition.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Finally, the type of customer service you provide to your current clients can greatly influence the number of new clients you receive. Providing excellent customer service is always a good mortgage marketing idea. This is because when your current clients are happy with the service you are providing, they are much more likely to recommend you to friends or family members in need of a mortgage. This type of free advertising is critical to your success. Providing this type of service goes beyond just doing a good job. You also have to be personable, make your clients feel like you are getting them the best deals and, most importantly, always go out of your way to let your client know just how hard you are working for them. For example, you may be able to offer them a particular interest rate based on their credit score, income to debt ratio and credit history. However, instead of just telling your client the interest rate let them know you really fought for them and were able to secure the lowest rate possible.

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